Office of the Chancellor

A Word from the Chancellor

It is an honor to serve as the chancellor of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The palpable culture of commitment to student success, the advancement of knowledge through innovative research and the remarkable symbiotic relationship between UCCS and the community truly set this campus apart.  

Our mission is to provide transformative educational and extracurricular experiences that equip our students with the knowledge, skills and principles they need to not only thrive in the world, but to shape it. I am in awe of the unwavering passion of our faculty and staff. We will continue to cultivate an environment that empowers our students and university to reach new heights.

I will work tirelessly to advance our collective mission of transforming lives and advancing our world. Together, we will build upon the remarkable work of our campus and create an even brighter future for our students and the region.  


I am committed to fortifying our shared dedication to the success of every student and to advancing knowledge through ground-breaking research.  

It is truly a privilege to be part of this vibrant community shaped by the remarkable spirit and drive of our exceptional students, faculty and staff. Together, we will build deep, trusting relationships that will allow us to advance the goals of UCCS. I prioritize fostering a collaborative, supportive and open culture within our campus. This begins by establishing a high-trust environment built on respect, kindness, empathy, accountability and curiosity.

I do not take for granted the trust placed in me by the university and its stakeholders, and I thank you for your support. The only way for our campus to thrive is by pursuing our objectives in collaboration with one another. Together, we will strive to create an inclusive and supportive community where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best.


UCCS Divisions
  • The Office of Academic Affairs

    The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to meeting the academic needs of the student body as well as the faculty.

  • The Office of Administration and Finance

    As a partner in learning and through the stewardship of resources, the Administration and Finance division provides innovative programs and services to support the student-centered mission of the University.

  • The Office of Strategic Initiatives

    Leading the charge for local, state, national and international strategic innovation and initiatives. 

  • The Office of Student Success

    Providing transformative student experiences to foster inclusive communities, enhance academic excellence and promote life-long learning, discovery and success.

  • The Office of University Advancement and Development

    Promoting and enhancing the reputation of UCCS to its audiences, both internal and external.

Values, Priorities and Accreditation

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  • Our Collective Mission

    Explore what drives UCCS forward.

  • Accessibility Information

    Dive into what makes UCCS a welcoming and accessible environment in which to learn, study and research.

  • Retention Information

    Learn what we're doing to help students succeed at UCCS.

  • Student Outcomes

    See annual data on how UCCS students find success.

  • UCCS Accreditation Information

    Explore the information pertaining to UCCS being an accredited institution.

  • The 2030 Strategic Plan

    A plan to fuel success now and in the future.


Our Regents, President and Past Chancellors

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